94-089-811 Me. Code R. § app. A

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Appendix 089-811-A


This agreement is made this [1st] day of [July, 1986], by the [Anytown Historical Society] (hereafter referred to as the "Grantee") and in favor of the State acting through the Director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission (hereafter referred to as the "Grantor") for the purpose of the restoration of a certain Property known as the [John Doe House], located in [Anytown, Any County], Maine, which is owned in fee simple by the Grantee and is listed in or nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Property is comprised essentially of grounds, collateral, appurtenances, and improvements and is known as the [John Doe House]. The Property is more particularly described in the [Any] County Registry of Deeds, [Book 727, Page 42].

In consideration of the sum of [$ _________] assistance through the Grantor from the State of Maine, the Grantee hereby agrees to the following for a period of fine (5) years:

1. The Grantee agrees to assume the cost of the continued maintenance and repair of said property, according to the approved maintenance Management Plan, so as to preserve the architectural, historical, or archaeological integrity of the same in order to protect and enhance the qualities that made the Property eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
2. The Grantee agrees that no visual or structural alterations will be made to the Property without prior written permission of the Grantor.
3. The Grantee agrees that the Grantor, its agents and designees shall have the right to inspect the Property at all reasonable times in order to ascertain whether or not the conditions of the agreement are being observed.
4. The Grantee agrees the Property will be open to the public no less than eight (8) weeks a year on an equitably spaced basis and at other times by appointment. Nothing in this agreement will prohibit the Grantee from charging a reasonable non-discriminatory admission fee, comparable to fees charged at similar facilities in the area.

This agreement shall be enforceable in specific performance by a court of competent jurisdiction.



In Witness Thereof____________In Witness Thereof___________

Notary Public Notary Public

94-089 C.M.R. ch. 811, 089-811 app A