94-089-811 Me. Code R. § app. C

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Appendix 089-811-C


The following material will form the basis for the architect/engineer's final project report for each Historic Building Restoration Grant.


Property and Ownership Identification

1. National Register name and address of the assisted property.
2. Name and address of the property's owner.
3. Name and address of architectural/engineering firm.
4. Dates of project work (including development of plans and specifications).

Fiscal Report

1. Total project cost, including Maine Historic Preservation Commission share.
2. Final work cost breakdown.
3. Brief narrative explaining any differences between original work cost estimates and final costs.


Case Study Narrative

1. Brief (one to two pages) narrative of pre-restoration needs.
2. At least one 5"X 7" photograph of pre-restoration conditions for each funded work category.
3. At least one 5"X 7" photograph of work in progress for each work category.
4. At least one 5"X 7" photograph of work completed for each work category.
5. Brief (one to two pages) narrative of completed project work, including reference to consultants' reports, test results, and products and materials used to accomplish the restoration objectives.
6. A proposed maintenance schedule based upon the particular problems encountered and addressed.
7. Brief (one to two pages) narrative of restoration problems which still need to be addressed.

94-089 C.M.R. ch. 811, 089-811 app C