94-089-811 Me. Code R. § app. D

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Appendix 089-811-D


Standards for Stabilization

1. Stabilization shall re-establish the structural stability of a property through the reinforcement of load-bearing members or by arresting material deterioration leading to structural failure. Stabilization shall also re-establish weather resistant conditions for a property.
2. Stabilization shall be accomplished in such a manner that it detracts as little as possible from the property's appearance. When reinforcement is requited to re-establish structural stability, such work shall be concealed wherever possible so as not to intrude upon or detract from the aesthetic and historical quality of the property, except where concealment would result in the alteration or destruction of historically significant material or spaces.

Standards for Preservation

1. Preservation shall maintain the existing form, integrity, and materials of a building, structure, or site. Substantial reconstruction or restoration of lost features generally are not included in a preservation undertaking.
2. Preservation shall include techniques of arresting or retarding the deterioration of a property through a program of on-going maintenance.

Standards for Restoration

1. Every reasonable effort shall be made to use a property for its originally intended purpose or to provide a compatible use that will require minimum alteration to the property and its environment.
2. Reinforcement required for structural stability or the installation of protective or code required mechanical systems shall be concealed whenever possible so as not to intrude or detract from the property's aesthetic and historical qualities, except where concealment would result in the alteration or destruction of historically significant materials or spaces.
3. When archaeological resources must be disturbed by restoration work, recovery of archaeological material shall be undertaken in conformance with current professional practices.

Standards for Reconstruction

1. Reconstruction of a part or all of a property shall be undertaken only when such work is essential to reproduce a significant missing feature in a historic district or scene, and when a contemporary design solution is not acceptable.
2. Reconstruction of all or a part of a historic property shall be appropriate when the reconstruction is essential for understanding and interpreting the value of a historic district, or when no other building, structure, object, or landscape feature with the same associative value has survived and sufficient historical documentation exists to insure an accurate reproduction of the original.
3. The reproduction of missing elements accomplished with new materials shall duplicate the composition, design, color, texture, and other visual qualities of the missing element. Reconstruction of missing architectural features shall be based upon accurate duplication of original features, substantiated by historical, physical, or pictorial evidence rather than upon conjectural designs or the availability of different architectural features from other buildings.
4. Reconstruction of a building or structure on an original site shall be preceded by a thorough archaeological investigation to locate and identify all sub-surface features and artifacts.
5. Reconstruction shall include measures to preserve any remaining original fabric, including foundations, sub-surface, and ancillary elements. The reconstruction of missing elements and features shall be done in such a manner that the essential form and integrity of the original surviving features are unimpaired.

94-089 C.M.R. ch. 811, 089-811 app D