94-089-811 Me. Code R. § 3

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Section 089-811-3 - FUNDING
A.Grant Awards
1 The Director, with advice of the Commission, shall determine the total amount of grant awards to be made each year from available funds.
2 The minimum grant award will normally be $5,000.00, to be matched on any equal cash basis by grant recipients. In exceptional cases, non-cash match, such as donated construction materials, may be accepted. The Director, with approval of the Commission, mar award up to 100 percent of the funding for a project proposed by any State agency.
3 Funds for grants must be expended by grant recipients within two (2) years of the date of the grant award unless the Director, in his discretion, extends, the 2-year time limit due to extra-ordinary factors. Funds unexpended after that time will be transferred to other eligible projects.
B.Allowable Costs. The following costs are allowable and may be funded by a grant award:
1 Historic, architectural and archaeological research necessary for pre-construction data collection.
2 Plans and specifications developed by a Maine-licensed architect or engineer.
3 Signs acknowledging State assistance at project sites.
4 Exterior and structural restoration; interior restoration; necessary improvements to or installation of wiring, heating, plumbing, and fire/intrusion alarm systems; landscaping limited to grading for drainage, restoration of grounds to documented historic appearance, and repair of damage to grounds due to construction.
5 Final Project Report, including photography.

94-089 C.M.R. ch. 811, § 3