94-089-811 Me. Code R. § 5

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Section 089-811-5 - GRANT AWARD PROCEDURES
A.Grant Application Information

The Director will distribute grant applications and grants manuals containing the rules and other information pertaining to administration of Historic Building Restoration Grants. Application deadlines will be grant funds remain established and announced annually so long as available.

B.Grant Application Procedure

Application for a Historic Buildings Restoration Grant must be submitted on the form developed by the Commission.

Grant application forms will include the following information:

1 Name of property, location, owner, and contact person.
2 Itemization and summary statement of restoration needs.
3 Proposed schedule of work.
4 Requested grant amount, matched by local funds.
5 Summary statement of public benefit.
6 Applicant organization's financial status and Maintenance Management Plan.

To be considered, an application must be fully completed and submitted by the announced deadline.

C.State Agencies

Any department or agency of state government may apply for a Historic Buildings Restoration Grant with the approval of the Department or agency head and the Director of the Bureau of Public Improvements.

D.Other Governmental Agencies

Applications from other governmental agencies shall be approved by the legislative body of the political subdivision prior to filing.

E.Grievance Procedure
1 Any applicant aggrieved by the grant award decision of the Director and the Commission may appeal to the Director for a review. Any such appeal must be in writing and shall set forth the manner in which the aggrieved claims a decision was arbitrary or unreasonable. An appeal must be made within 10 days of, receipt of notification of adverse decision.
2 The Director may, in his discretion, hold a meeting with the aggrieved applicant. The Director shall appoint a grievance committee of three persons to conduct a review of the appeal. The committee will include representatives from the Commission, the Commission's Citizen's Advisory Committee and another appropriate state bureau. The Committee shall within 21 days, issue a report to the Director which addresses whether the original decision was arbitrary or unreasonable.
3 The final decision of the Director; with approval of the Commission, shall be made in accordance with the selection criteria, after considering the recommendations of the grievance committee. Such a decision shall be final agency action on the matter.
4 An aggrieved applicant may be awarded a grant or an increased grant amount where previously denied or limited to a lower figure only when the grant would not require the denial or decrease in a grant award of other eligible applicants which have already executed Letters of Agreement or covenants.

Prior to final approval of an application, the Director and the Commission may require an applicant to execute a covenant to secure continued public access and maintenance of the historic integrity of the structure and a right of first refusal to the State should the building or structure ever be offered for sale.

94-089 C.M.R. ch. 811, § 5