94-178-502 Me. Code R. § 3

Current through 2021-14, April. 7, 2021
Section 178-502-3 - Advisory Rulings

The Chair is authorized to issue nonbinding advisory rulings as to the applicability of the Adaptive Equipment Loan Program Act (the "Act") or the Board's rules to an applicant, its property or circumstances. Requests for advisory rulings must be in writing and must specifically identify the section or provision of the statute or rule on which the ruling is sought. The Chair may decline to issue any ruling if the request is not sufficiently specific, is not accompanied by adequate information, does not adequately identify the applicant or the purpose for which the ruling is sought, require additional information before issuing a ruling, or if the Chair determines that issuance of a ruling would not assist the applicant or would be contrary to the purposes of the Act. All rulings shall be in writing. Rulings shall not be binding upon the Board. The Board may charge an applicant for a ruling the Authority's actual, out-of-pocket costs and expenses, if any, in preparing any ruling.

94-178 C.M.R. ch. 502, § 3