Md. Code, Elec. Law § 3-202

Current with changes from the 2021 Legislative Session through Ch. 42
Section 3-202 - Voter registration applications
(1) The statewide voter registration application shall:
(i) require the signature of the applicant, subject to the penalties of perjury, by which the applicant swears or affirms that the information contained in the registration application is true and that the applicant meets all of the qualifications to become a registered voter;
(ii) state the penalties for the submission of a false application; and
(iii) provide the applicant with the opportunity to cancel a current registration.
(2) The following information shall be made available to each applicant who is completing a statewide voter registration application:
(i) the qualifications to become a registered voter;
(ii) if an individual declines to register, this fact will remain confidential and be used only for voter registration purposes;
(iii) if an individual registers to vote, the office at which the application is submitted will remain confidential and will be used only for voter registration purposes; and
(iv) notification to the applicant that submission of the form to an individual other than an official, employee, or agent of a local board does not assure that the form will be filed or filed in a timely manner.
(3) The statewide voter registration application may not require:
(i) notarization or other formal authentication; or
(ii) any additional information, other than the information necessary to enable election officials to determine the eligibility of the applicant and to administer voter registration and other parts of the election process.
(4) In the section of the statewide voter registration application that asks the voter whether the voter wants to affiliate with a political party, the application shall list the recognized political parties in the State and include the following statement: "You must register with a political party if you want to take part in that political party's primary election, caucus, or convention. Check one box only.".
(i) A statewide voter registration application shall be produced exclusively by the State Board.
(ii) No other registration form may be used for registration purposes except:
1. a voter registration application produced by a local board with the approval of the State Board;
2. as provided in subsection (b) of this section;
3. as provided in § 3-203(b) of this subtitle;
4. any other form prescribed by federal law for voter registration; or
5. a federal write-in absentee ballot if used by a voter authorized to vote a federal write-in absentee ballot under federal law.
(b) The voter registration application form prescribed pursuant to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 shall satisfy the requirements prescribed under subsection (a) of this section and be accepted by the appropriate election official for purposes of voter registration.
(c) The application described in this section may be used by a registered voter to change the voter's name, address, or party affiliation.

Md. Code, EL § 3-202

Amended by 2016 Md. Laws, Ch. 173,Sec. 1, eff. 6/1/2016.
Amended by 2016 Md. Laws, Ch. 172,Sec. 1, eff. 6/1/2016.