Md. Code, Elec. Law § 3-205

Current with changes from the 2021 Legislative Session through Ch. 42
Section 3-205 - Certain acts by voter registration volunteers or individuals assisting others to register prohibited

A voter registration volunteer or any individual assisting another individual to register to vote may not:

(1) copy or collect the following information contained on a voter registration application:
(i) Maryland driver's license number;
(ii) Maryland identification number;
(iii) Social Security number; or
(iv) other information from a voter registration application that is protected from public disclosure;
(2) use any voter registration information for a purpose inconsistent with § 3-506 of this title; and
(3) receive any form of compensation, including bonuses, that is based on the number of voter registration applications collected.

Md. Code, EL § 3-205