Kan. Stat. § 58-2221

Current through 2021 Session Laws Chapter 25
Section 58-2221 - Recordation of instruments conveying or affecting real estate; duties of register of deeds

Every instrument in writing that conveys:

(a) Real estate;
(b) any estate or interest created by an oil and gas lease;
(c) any estate or interest created by any lease or easement involving wind resources and technologies to produce and generate electricity; or
(d) whereby any real estate may be affected, proved or acknowledged, and certified in the manner hereinbefore prescribed, may be recorded in the office of register of deeds of the county in which such real estate is situated. It shall be the duty of the register of deeds to file the same for record immediately, and in those counties where a numerical index is maintained in the register of deeds' office, the register of deeds shall compare such instrument, before copying the same in the record, with the last record of transfer in the register of deeds' office of the property described. If the register of deeds finds such instrument contains apparent errors, the register of deeds shall not record the instrument until the grantee has been notified, if such notice is reasonably possible.

The grantor, lessor, grantee or lessee or any other person conveying or receiving real property or other interest in real property upon recording the instrument in the office of register of deeds shall furnish the register of deeds the full name and last known post-office address of the person to whom the property is conveyed or such person's designee. The register of deeds shall forward such information to the county clerk of the county who shall make any necessary changes in address records for mailing tax statements.

K.S.A. 58-2221

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