La. Child. Code art. 1283.1

Current with changes from the 2020 Second Extraordinary Session through Act 60
Section 1283.1 - Petition; contents; form
A. The petition for adoption of a foreign orphan shall be styled: "In re __________ , Applying for Adoption of Foreign Orphan from a Non-Hague Convention Country." The petition or an attached exhibit shall state:
(1) The full name, address, age, occupation, and marital status of each petitioner.
(2) The name by which the child is known to petitioners as well as the name under which the birth of the child is recorded.
(3) The place and date of the birth of the child if known; if not known, then the approximate age of the child.
(4) The date and circumstances under which the child entered the home of the petitioner.
(5) Any relationship existing between the petitioner and the child.
B.The petition shall be accompanied by a certification for adoption, a certified copy of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documentation of orphan status, a copy of the child's immigrant visa or permanent resident card, the original or a certified copy of a valid foreign custody decree, together with a notarized translation, and the original or certified copy of a valid birth certificate, together with a notarized translation, and an affidavit of fees and expenses.

La. Ch.C. § 1283.1

Amended by Acts 2013, No. 86,s. 1, eff. 8/1/2013.
Acts 1999, No. 1268, §1.

Comment 2013

The requirement for documentation of orphan status would be met by an IR3 or IR4 stamp on the child's visa. Children with IR-4 visas do not acquire automatic citizenship upon entry to the United States, but become permanent residents and receive a permanent resident card (green card).