Minn. Stat. § 494.015

Current through 2021, c. 3
Subdivision 1.Guidelines.

The state court administrator shall adopt guidelines for use by community dispute resolution programs and training programs for mediators and arbitrators for the community dispute resolution programs. The guidelines must include provisions to ensure that participation in dispute resolution is voluntary, procedures for case processing, and program certification criteria that must be met to receive court referrals. The guidelines must include:

(1) standards for training mediators and arbitrators to recognize matters involving violence against a person; and
(2) training in family law matters that must be completed by mediators before acceptance of postdissolution property distribution matters and postdissolution parenting time matters.
Subd. 2.Certification.

The state court administrator shall certify programs that meet the requirements for certification set under subdivision 1.

Minn. Stat. § 494.015

1990 c 584 s 3; 1991 c 321 s 5; 2000 c 444 art 2 s 12