Section 7 - Access to Child and Information Relating to Child

As amended through October 8, 2020
Section 7 - Access to Child and Information Relating to Child
(a) Subject to subsections (b) and (c), when the court appoints a guardian ad litem in a custody proceeding, the court shall issue an order, with notice to all parties, authorizing the guardian ad litem to have access to:
(1) the child, without the presence of any other person unless otherwise ordered by the court, and
(2) confidential information regarding the child, including the child's educational, medical, and mental health records, any agency or court files involving allegations of abuse or neglect of the child, any delinquency records involving the child, and other information relevant to the issues in the proceeding.
(b) A child's record that is privileged or confidential under law other than this Rule may be released to a guardian ad litem only in accordance with that law, including any requirements in that law for notice and opportunity to object to release of records. Information that is privileged under the attorney-client relationship may not be disclosed except as otherwise permitted by law of this state other than this Rule.
(c) An order issued pursuant to subsection (a) must require that a guardian ad litem maintain the confidentiality of information released, except as necessary for the resolution of the issues in the proceeding. The court may impose in an order of access any other condition or limitation that is required by law, rules of professional conduct, the child's needs, or the circumstances of the proceeding.