Section 9 - Participation in Proceeding

As amended through October 8, 2020
Section 9 - Participation in Proceeding

A guardian ad litem appointed in a custody proceeding is entitled to all rights and privileges accorded to an attorney representing a party, including but not limited to the right to:

(a) receive a copy of each pleading or other record filed with the court in the proceeding;
(b) receive notice of, attend, and participate in each hearing in the proceeding, including alternative dispute resolution proceedings, and take any action that may be taken by an attorney representing a party pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure.


Current Rule 40A differs from the prior rule in that the guardian ad litem now functions as a lawyer, not as a witness or special master. The guardian ad litem does not prepare a report for the parties or the court, nor does the guardian ad litem make a recommendation to the parties or the court concerning custody. Specifically:

(1) A guardian ad litem may not be a witness or testify in any proceeding in which he or she serves as guardian ad litem, except in those extraordinary circumstances specified by Supreme Court Rule 8, Rule of Professional Conduct 3.7.
(2) A guardian ad litem is not a special master, and should not submit a "report and recommendations" to the court but may file a pre-trial brief/memorandum as any attorney in any other case. The guardian ad litem may advocate the position that serves the best interest of the child by performing the functions of an attorney, including but not limited to those enumerated in Supreme Court Rule 40(d)(7).
(3) The guardian ad litem must present the results of his or her investigation and the conclusion regarding the child's best interest in the same manner as any other lawyer presents his or her case on behalf of a client: by calling, examining and cross examining witnesses, submitting and responding to other evidence in conformance with the rules of evidence, and making oral and written arguments based on the evidence that has been or is expected to be presented.