Md. Code, Real. Prop. § 14-126.3

Current with changes from the 2021 Legislative Session through Ch. 254, effective on or before 6/1/2021
Section 14-126.3 - Foreclosure - Legislative powers regarding notice or regulations
(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, only the State may enact a law requiring a notice to be filed with a unit of government to register residential properties that are subject to foreclosure.
(b) This section does not restrict or otherwise affect the ability of a unit of government to require a registration or notice to be filed for a purpose other than one relating to foreclosure, even if a property to be identified in the registration or notice is subject to foreclosure.

Md. Code, RP § 14-126.3

Added by 2017 Md. Laws, Ch. 349,Sec. 1, eff. 10/1/2018.
Added by 2017 Md. Laws, Ch. 348,Sec. 1, eff. 10/1/2018.