15 U.S.C. § 2057

Current through P.L. 116-344 (published on www.congress.gov on 01/13/2021), except for P. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283
Section 2057 - Banned hazardous products

Whenever the Commission finds that-

(1) a consumer product is being, or will be, distributed in commerce and such consumer product presents an unreasonable risk of injury; and
(2) no feasible consumer product safety standard under this chapter would adequately protect the public from the unreasonable risk of injury associated with such product,

the Commission may, in accordance with section 2058 of this title, promulgate a rule declaring such product a banned hazardous product.

15 U.S.C. § 2057

Pub. L. 92-573, §8, Oct. 27, 1972, 86 Stat. 1215; Pub. L. 97-35, title XII, §1203(c), Aug. 13, 1981, 95 Stat. 713.

AMENDMENTS1981-Pub. L. 97-35 substituted "may, in accordance with" for "may propose and, in accordance with".

EFFECTIVE DATE OF 1981 AMENDMENT Amendment by Pub. L. 97-35 applicable with respect to regulations under this chapter and chapters 25 and 30 of this title for which notices of proposed rulemaking are issued after Aug. 14, 1981, see section 1215 of Pub. L. 97-35, set out as a note under section 2052 of this title.

EFFECTIVE DATESection effective on the sixtieth day following Oct. 27, 1972, see section 34 of Pub. L. 92-573, set out as a note under section 2051 of this title.

The term "Commission" means the Consumer Product Safety Commission, established by section 2053 of this title.
The term "commerce" means trade, traffic, commerce, or transportation-(A) between a place in a State and any place outside thereof, or(B) which affects trade, traffic, commerce, or transportation described in subparagraph (A).
risk of injury
The term "risk of injury" means a risk of death, personal injury, or serious or frequent illness.